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Dentist Dr Daniel Yang
Dr Daniel Yang
Principal Dentist

Daniel is a senior partner at Yass Valley Dental.  Daniel completed his secondary education at Cranbrook School in Bellevue Hill.


Daniel graduated from the Adelaide Dental School (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) in 2012 after studying a Bachelor of Medical Science, (BMedSc 2007) at The University of Sydney.  Daniel also has his Graduate Diploma in Clinical Orthodontics from The City of London Dental School/BPP University and is a member of the International Association for Orthodontics.


Daniel started at Yass Valley Dental in early 2013.  His previous work experience was at Adelaide Hospital – General Dentistry.  Daniel is passionate about dentistry and offers a high quality service to patients from Yass, Canberra and beyond.

Daniel specialises in in-house dental implants, restorative and general dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry.  Daniel’s scope of practice also ranges to non-extraction orthodontic treatment and clear aligner treatment such as Invisalign.  Daniel’s vision has brought state of the art equipment into our practices at both Yass and Murrumbateman which allows us to offer the latest techniques and the highest standard of dental care.

Dentist Dr Peter Kim
Dr Peter Kim
Principal Dentist

Peter is a senior partner at Yass Valley Dental.  After completing his secondary education from the Anglican Church Grammar School in Brisbane, Peter moved to Adelaide to complete his Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree.  After gaining valuable experience from working in North Queensland, Peter joined the team at Yass Valley Dental as senior partner.

Peter has completed his Graduate Diploma in Clinical Orthodontics from The City of London Dental School/BPP University, and is continuing his post graduate studies at the University of Sydney, regularly travelling to work with renowned dental specialists across the country.


As a member of the International Team for Implantology (ITI), Peter has a special interest in providing dental implant treatments with minimal discomfort.  This is why many of Peter’s patients travel not only from the Yass Valley region, but from Canberra  and surrounds.  Peter regularly attends courses around the world to deliver the most up to date treatment in a gentle manner. 

Dentist Dr Melissa Orr
Dr Melissa Orr

Melissa has lived in Murrumbateman since childhood.  She ventured to Orange and Albury to study her Bachelor of Dental Science at Charles Sturt University. ​

Mel joined Yass Valley Dental in 2019, and is well-known for being kind and empathetic with patients.  She and will go above and beyond to make your dental experience a pleasant one.  Mel is passionate about all aspects of dentistry from managing complex dental conditions to minimising discomfort and promoting dental health through education and prevention.

Dentist Dr Emily Scrivener
Dr Emily Scrivener

Emily is another local who joined our team in 2020.  She grew up in Young NSW, and studied her Bachelor of Dental Science at Charles Sturt University in Orange. ​

Emily's empathy and determination shines through in her patient care and treatment, especially when finding solutions for particularly complex dental challenges.


Come and meet Dr Komal!

Dr Komal Shah
Oral Health Therapist Alexandra Sturgess
Alexandra Sturgess
Oral Health Therapist

Alex commenced her career in dentistry as a dental assistant in 2009.  She went on to study Oral Health Therapy at the University of Otago in New Zealand.  Here she gained a wealth of knowledge and a passion for treating children and gum health, and fondly returns on occasion to reconnect with her peers and lecturers by attending regular dental conferences.


Alex’s experience in private practice in dentistry spans more than 10 years both as a dental assistant and as an Oral Health Therapist in city and rural practices.

Dental Hygienist Alanna Henderson
Alanna Henderson
Dental Hygienist

After completing her secondary schooling in Geelong, Victoria, Alanna trained and studied at the University of Melbourne and has been practicing Dental Hygiene in private practice since 2006.

She previously worked in Melbourne and Geelong before marrying her husband, George, and moving to Yass in 2010 and beginning her role at Yass Valley Dental in 2012.

Alanna has a strong focus on patient care and oral health education. She has a keen interest in gum health and oral health prevention and regularly attends courses to study the latest patient oral health treatment and home care routines.

Oral Health Therapist Holly Murphy
Holly Murphy
Oral Health Therapist

Holly is another of our skilled team of Oral Health Therapists, who started working at Yass Valley Dental as one of our dental assistants before travelling to Melbourne to complete her clinical training.

Holly returned to Yass Valley Dental in 2021 as a clinician, and her passion for all things dental shines through in the care she takes with patients, and in her enthusiasm for community initiatives, such as working with and learning from Wendy in our mobile dental clinic at Yass Valley Aged Care.


Dental Hygienist Wendy Dashwood
Wendy Dashwood
Dental Hygienist

Wendy began her dental career as a trainee dental nurse in February 1969 (the summer of 69 – one of her all time favourites songs ) at the Dental Department of the Royal Adelaide Hospital.  After completing her studies, she worked there until 1971 going into a private practice. 


Wendy began travelling in 1974, working as a dental assistant overseas and completed further study in Canada before returning to Adelaide where she studied Dental Hygiene.  After graduating in 1978, Wendy worked at a general private practice in the Adelaide Hills before moving to Canberra where Dental Hygiene was not yet legislated.  Twelve months later, Wendy became the first registered hygienist in the ACT, and helped in the establishment of the ACT branch of the Dental Hygienists Association of Australia.

Wendy worked in private general practice from 1980-1987 before moving to Yass to raise her family and start a horticultural business with her husband, where they still are today.

In 1989 Wendy recommenced part-time dental hygiene work in Canberra and started working at Yass Valley Dental in 2003 to encourage preventive dental care for all ages.  

Wendy currently works with our aged care patients at the practice and manages a mobile dental clinic at Yass Valley Aged Care.

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