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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is used to save damaged teeth from extraction. The benefits of having your own teeth are endless but your natural teeth are stronger and easier to maintain cleanliness. Usually your dentist can perform your root canal treatment but in some cases you may be referred to a specialist dentist called an Endodontist.

The inside of the tooth is called the pulp.  This is a structure of blood vessels and connective tissue and extends down to inside the root of the tooth. The pulp of the tooth can become infected or damaged  due to a number of causes including trauma, gum disease, dental caries or a breakage.  If the pulp goes untreated an abscess can occur which can in turn cause damage to the bone surrounding the root.

During root canal treatment the affected nerve and infected tissue are removed to relieve the pain. An antibacterial medicine is inserted inside the root canal and filled with a core filling and then sealed.

Even though the tooth has been treated it may not be strong enough and your dentist may suggest the tooth be covered with a crown to strengthen and preserve the tooth.

Possible side effects of root canal are:

Loss of the affected tooth due to an unsuccessful root canal or wear and tear after a period of time.

Infection, although this is likely to clear up soon after the treatment, there is a small chance of re-infection.

Tooth discolouration, which can be treated with bleach to re-whiten the tooth, especially if it is a front tooth that has been treated.

Discomfort, weakness, altered sensations and/or fracture.

We will give you an estimate of the cost of root canal therapy and let you know how many visits you will need to have the treatment completed.

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