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Several factors can lead to tooth damage and sometimes loss.  Your dentist may suggest extraction for you if your tooth is too badly damaged.

Loss of teeth can affect your ability to chew normally, your facial appearance and even your speech. There are several options for replacing lost teeth.  Dentures can be made as a partial denture if you have only some teeth missing or a full denture when you are missing all of your teeth.  An over denture is another type of denture that is modelled to accommodate the remaining teeth.  It is fitted by attaching to dental implants to anchor and secure the denture in place.

During your first appointment for the fitting of your denture, your dentist will take an impression of your jaws and your bite to make sure the denture functions and fits perfectly.

Your dentist may suggest you are fitted with an immediate denture which is fitted at the same appointment as your extractions to avoid any time without teeth.

The denture is made of an acrylic base and fitted with artificial teeth that are closely matched to your existing teeth or if you are having a full new denture you may like to choose the colour of your new teeth.

You may experience in the first few days a tight or crowded feeling in your mouth.  Your gums may be sore, you may have an excess of saliva in your mouth and your speech may be affected.  These things should improve quickly as you get used to your new denture.  However you may have to have it adjusted if you have ongoing problems.

Gum shrinkage can also occur over time and you may need to have your denture relined during its life.

Cleaning your denture every day is important as food can get trapped in your denture and between the teeth.  You can clean your denture with a toothbrush and denture cleaner which is specially designed for dentures and is non abrasive.  You may need to rinse your denture after eating with warm or cold water. 


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